Secure Email Procedure

This method uses the National Institutes of Health (NIH) secure email transmission capability, which allows for message and document transfer up to 2 GB over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) / encrypted channel. The process involves two actors: a point of contact on the STAR METRICS team (STAR-POC) who initiates this process and a POC at the research institution (RESEACH-POC) responsible for submitting the data files.

  1. The STAR METRICS point of contact (STAR-POC) will send an initial e-mail to the research institution point of contact (RESEARCH-POC) from the NIH secure email site.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with a link to view the secure email message and register for a Secure E-mail Account.
  3. Click on the link, and go to the bottom of the email. Select "Register". You only need to register once – this is not required on subsequent data submissions.
  4. You will then be asked to enter your first name, last name, email address, and a new password.
  5. You’ll then receive an email at the entered email address with a link / activation code to complete the registration.
  6. Click on the link, enter your email address as the username, and the chosen password. This will take you to a summary page of all sent / received email.
  7. Please select the "Received" email link and now REPLY to the email from the STAR-POC
  8. You can then send your data to the STAR METRICS Team via Secure E-mail .
  9. Enter a message, browse to your local submission files and select "Reply". Note: The file size limit is 2GB.
  10. If you need to resubmit new or updated data, repeat steps 7-9.