Log On Help

If your institution participates in InCommon and is federated with the NIH, please log on to STAR METRICS® using the same user ID and password that you use for your institutional systems. When you click Log On, select the "Research Organization" option then select your institution from the list. You will be redirected to your institution's log on system, then returned to STAR METRICS® after authenticating.

If your institution is not part of InCommon and/or not federated with the NIH, please use the "NIH Staff" option on the Log On page with the user ID provided to you by the STAR METRICS® team and the password you created.

Logging On for the First Time

If you are logging on for the first time using a user ID provided by the STAR METRICS® team, use the initial password that you received along with the user ID. Upon successful authentication, you will be prompted to change your password.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you visit

Forgot Password

after you log on for the first time. This site will allow you to register your account and set security questions/answers that may be used to reset your password or unlock your account if you forget your password. When registering, be sure to select "NIHEXT" as the Domain.

Forgot Your Password?

Since users may only log into STAR METRICS® once per quarter, it can be very easy to forget your password. Additionally, your account may become locked if you attempt to log on three (3) times unsuccessfully. If you've registered your account at ,

Forgot Password

you can quickly and easily reset your password or unlock your account.

If you don’t use the above facility and have difficulty logging onto STAR METRICS®, please contact starmetrics@nih.gov.

InCommon / NIH Federation

If you wish to avoid having to remember a new user ID and password to log on to the STAR METRICS® website, your institution may consider joining InCommon and becoming federated with the NIH. By doing so, you can use your existing institutional user ID and password to access STAR METRICS®!

To learn more, please refer to the following resources:



Once you have joined InCommon, you can become federated with NIH by sending an email request to nihfederationrequest@mail.nih.gov.